Friday, 12 February 2010

Businesses Mismanage Communication and Promotion

One-third of middle managers say their organizations are mismanaged.
Perhaps its time for leadership at the top of our organisations. Middle managers are continuing to feel under-informed about key organisation issues that affect them and their staff.

An article appearing in the November 8 issue of Chief Learning Officer newsletter (and based on a recent research study) claims that, “middle managers are increasingly dissatisfied with their current organizations, believe their organizations are mismanaged, and see few prospects for advancement.”

Here are some other excerpts from this article:

“Only 28 percent rated the way their organizations manage prospects for advancement as good or excellent.”

“Only 31 percent said their companies were good or excellent at helping them communicate bad news.”

“Only about one-third of respondents reported that their companies were good or excellent at managing: compensation, flexible work arrangements, communications between supervisors and subordinates, and training and development (33 percent, 34 percent, 37 percent and 37 percent, respectively).”

“When asked about the most frustrating aspects of their jobs, the greatest number of respondents -- 47 percent -- cited compensation issues, followed by balancing work and personal time, the feeling that they do the bulk of the work and don't receive the appropriate credit, and having no clear career path (chosen by 40 percent, 38 percent and 35 percent, respectively).”

"Reinventing the role of middle managers will be critical to this effort, particularly as increasing numbers of employees look toward retirement. Creating positive environments for employees to succeed will be a critical factor for winning in the marketplace."

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